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Lack of experience and unfamiliarity with a prospective destination country overseas, many potential students find it difficult to comprehend complex visa and application processes, evaluate institutions, credentials, and programs of study, and determine which school best fits the student’s needs and interests. A language barrier and geographic distance may make it difficult to access the information and assistance provided to prospective students directly by the institution, especially for parents.

Students and parents may worry that these factors can compromise the student’s chance for admission to the school of his or her choice. Options for work authorization, permanent residency, and migration may be more salient to the family’s overall objective in sending a student abroad — topics the institution may be unprepared to discuss. Given the significant financial resources needed to send a child overseas for schooling, making such an important decision unassisted may carry an unacceptable amount of risk.VISSTRAT provides valuable consulting services when families wish to seek optimal solutions for admission in international institutions.

Our mission

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

    • Provide Solution for your global education needs and a customized plan to achieve it
    • Understand your perspective, requirements and offer tailored guidance
    • Create the right mix of courses, colleges and or universities to meet your career goals
    • Educate you on the correct and legit process for seeking admission
    • Assuring complete Satisfaction for achieving your career aspiration is our sole aim
    • Support you throughout this process and ensure you are set up for

Our Approach

At VISSTRAT, we aimto ensure our students achieve SUCCESS always and are provided with thorough guidance at each stage of the admission process. This is delivered by our proven methodology:

  • Assess students profile and education background
  • Examine academic standing and past results to identify the most suited course as per their interest and skills
  • Identify career goals and learning objectives
  • Create customized mix of available courses, colleges and university, based on our detailed education and skills assessment
  • Identify and provide details on admission requirement like language and aptitude testing
  • Provide you a customized toolkit for guidance and support to successfully secure all admission requirements
  • Prepare material for admission process, our diligent compliance process ensures your paperwork is complete and meet all the admission requirements
  • Conduct mock interview and practice sessions for admission interviews and preparation for IELTS
  • Provide guidance and support for visa processing, our specialist team will handhold you through this process and help you prepare all the required documentation for visa process
  • Detailed review of your complete admission and visa documentation
  • Submission of your complete file to college or university. Provide timely communication highlighting progress on your admission process
  • Post successful landing, help you to set up in Canada